Detekterbara tunnor

Detekterbara tunnor

– Detectable Rotational Moulding
– Rotational moulding compound (including detectable)
– Storage bins and tubs

Detekterbara O-ringar


The lowest compression set values in the industry, the most important requirement in compressive sealingRescue Squad sale.

– NBR 65 FDA
– Silicone FDA 70 FDA/3-A
– FKM 70 FDA/3-A
– EPDM 65 FDA/3-A
– EPDM, SILICONE and FKM FDA grade compounds with 3-A
– 3-A Sanitary Standard for multiple-use rubber and rubber like materials used as product contact surfaces in dairy equipment number 18-03

Detekterbara klisterlappar

Detectable Lables

-Ideal for multiple ingredients, ready meals, bakery, prepared salads, meat preparation.

-Meet the rquirements of ”duty of care”

-Strong multi-layer construction.

Detekterbart plast Material

Detekterbart material

– Available In 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50mm (2m x 1 m) sheets
– Other sheet sizes on request
– Rods available In 20, 40 and 50mm diameter, 1 m lengths
– Standard colour – `Gentaln Blue’ (RAL 5010)

Approved for direct contact with food, and suitable for use in the pharmaceutical Industries. Low abrasion, high wear resistance, good sliding